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Steps to choose the appropriate web design company in India

Steps to choose the appropriate web design company in India:

In this digital era, if there is no website then there will be o business. Consumers’ behaviour has been changed accordingly due to technological advancement. With just a few clicks it is possible to get everything at your doorsteps. If you are looking for starting a website or redesign your existing one, you will have to first find a good web design agency so that you can create your website eye-catchy and interactive to help your business to reach new heights. Let us see how to choose the right web designing company in India using the following steps:

 Indian website design agency

 1.  Find a web design company that is passionate about business objectives:

A Zealous Web design agency will focus more on your business-materialistic objectives. A business’s main objective is the conversion of leads. A good web design company comprises a smart team of strategists to achieve conversions and business objectives. It should ensure the technology and visuals working at their best. This will later result in a higher conversion rate and returns from your digital platform (i.e website).

 2. Check for the agency’s portfolio:

When searching for a web design agency online, carefully check each agency’s website. The experienced agencies will provide the details of their clients and past projects. To assess the quality and uniqueness of the work you should look at the portfolio. You may also ask the designing team to provide your work samples that are similar to our work. Check the portfolio to understand the agency’s type of projects they have handled in the past. Then you will come to know if they are specialized in designing your particular industry.

 3. Latest design trends:

The visitor will notice the web design of your homepage at first. The first impression of your website is the home page’s web design, structure, and overall presentation. Your site should not look outdated. So make sure the web design team hired by you is familiar and up to date with the latest design and trends. Only they can create a responsive website. And the team should be familiar with other aspects such as flat design, parallax, scrolling, and other various styles and elements to design a distinctive, crisp-looking site. They should have complete knowledge about the content management system and search engine optimization.

 4. Supplementary services:

Make your website design attractive is important but it is the first step only. After designing and developing the website, it will need proper maintenance and other services to perform optimally. Search Engine Optimization and Graphic Design services are needed to attract the target audiences. A good website design agency will provide a wide range of services that are important for a business website.

 5. Customer review:

Check what their customers are saying to know more about the company. Go through the review sites and social media platforms to find more about the company’s reputation and the way they handle their projects. You should read the maximum reviews possible and can also read a testimonial on the company’s website.

 6. Get a price estimate:

You would have already fixed a budget for your web design project. You should check the company you like is within the budget  Web design companies in India provides many packages that are priced differently. You should choose the right web design package that suits your budget and needs as well. You can get a price estimate from multiple agencies to make a better decision.


 There is a need to increase interconnectivity and real-time data collection to opt for a good web design agency. ATEES INFOMEDIA PVT LTD is an Indian website design agency working with a team of expert digital strategists to design your website with the above-mentioned features like graphic design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management system, etc. We will ensure to design a website that is up to date with the latest design trends and technologies. We will also provide you with the add-on services and price packages that suit your budget and needs.

web design company


Designing a website is a task which can be achieved by a team inside a company who has an idea about this. But can it accomplish the purpose? As we know 90% of the users go with the top 2 results in SEO results. To take your website to the top of SEO results, it is a good option to depend on the established and reputed web development agencies in India and thus to increase your business opportunities.

As mentioned earlier, the website is the key to connect customers to you. Creating a moderate website will not help you to get a better reach and most of the companies do not have the suit to create an excellent one. Don’t worry, there are a lot of web design companies available for helping you out of the situation. It’s a demanding task to identify to choose the right one among them. So here we go through some pointers which are considered as the labels of a good web design company

Web design companies


The online review system is available on different platforms regarding the services provided by different web design companies. Comments posted on these platforms cannot be deleted but still, there are some companies putting their own positive reviews. Most of the time once we go through this its easily identify which one is genuine and fake


Reviewing the work profile of the web development company gives a clear idea about how innovative and well-crafted they are in terms of their services. Going through their work profile helps you to get to a final decision by considering your taste and whether the company you are looking for will be able to meet your expectations or not


A list of the domestic and international clients served by the company previously will make you more secure about investing. If you are observing the names of reputed companies in the list, it can be an indication of how well established the service company is and how much experience they are having in handling projects.


There is no benchmark for the price of web design services as it is totally a personal choice. The price of the service should be matching with your budget and it should meet all your expectations too.


Web design companies today come with a lot of website-related services. A number of CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc which adds more flavor to the conventional web designs. Ecommerce websites make use of the platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc to stand out from the conventional web design. Before investing in a company, we have to make sure that they are providing solutions to all web-related problems and their services are available on all platforms.


Content written on your website gives an insight into the services provided by your company. It is preferred to have multi-language options on your official website as if your company is working in India, people may appreciate seeing the content in Hindi also. Sometimes it may add up in bringing success


The client support team of the company which is undertaking your project must be very proactive in understanding your concerns and should be likely to have a strong relationship with you throughout the project. He/she should be knowing the in-depth details of this service and should be able to coordinate all the activities of your project.


Our aim by investing in web design service companies is to increase the traffic of our website by getting on top of SEO results. Certain guidelines regarding website designing and the content will help you to get you there and you should make sure that the company you are investing in is following this guideline.


There are a lot of follow-up services required after the creation of a website which includes content writing, marketing your product and services to the customers, adding payment gateways in ecommerce, and a lot more. It is always better to choose a company that provides all these follow-up services in a single package as they know your objectives more than anyone else and you avoid making multiple investments.

Atees Infomedia Pvt Ltd is a well-established and reputed company offering web design and development services in India which can promise you consistent progress in your website traffic and an increase in your business. Please allow us to guide you through the entire project and get ready to enjoy the long-run benefits of the same. Contact us on 7907938810 or [email protected]

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Even though both digital branding and digital marketing seem to be very interchangeable words there is a serious difference in their targets. Digital marketing mainly focuses on advertising a certain product and potential customers who are ready to pull out the valet. On the other hand, digital branding is done to increase the customer base of your company by injecting your brand name into their mind through advertisement.

The benefits of using these services in your business are countless. Anyway, let’s go through a few important among them


People on the internet are split into a lot of platforms. Some use it for chatting and social media while some others work on the search engines to get some informative content. As the people are spread in different channels, we have market ourself in all of them to get a better reach. It can be a hectic task but it is worth it.


Getting viral today involves a luck factor in it. When we analyze the videos that got viral recently, we may notice that some of them really doesn’t carry an appreciable content, on the other hand, some of them with great subject and ideas are not getting enough reach. Even though there is a luck factor involved, there is one thing that we can do to achieve our goal is to post regularly on different platforms. The more you post, the more the chance to spread it.


There are some unique customer experiences offered by certain advertisements. Banner ads on some websites and GIFs that open when you click displaying attractive features and services of your company are examples of this.


Google has become the first choice of every individual to find a solution for their problem. At the same time, the majority of them will take the first one or two results given by google as a trustable resource. Digital branding helps you to be on the top of the table in the SEO ranking and thus to increase the traffic of your website.


Beyond the quality, brand value has the ability to blend its customer base to the new generation without disappointing the regular ones. Additionally, many of the online platforms are made with improved chances of connectivity and to take responsibility from them in means of survey and chatbots.

They are often more suitable than traditional marketing for interacting and keeping a relationship with customers.

digital branding


It is important to keep your marketing ideas in tune with the new trends for maximum results. Here are some trends that are noticed in India in 2021 regarding this


It’s hard to find a person who does not use a mobile phone these days and it indicates how important it is to optimize your content for this platform. Statics shows that 40% of the viewers leave the landing page as it is not optimized for their mobile.


Increased opportunities given by digital platform has been misused by a lot of fraud people and this made the potential customers in a state of confusion of whom to trust. Each and every customer are likely to invest only in trustworthy sources and it is necessary to make them understand that you are reliable. Digital platforms offer customers a variety of ways to comment on products and interact among themselves, where they can get the response of previous users which will give authenticity to your business.


Social media has made a revolutionary change in India. At no point, we can spare this platform for your digital branding to get maximum reach of your service. Special care should be taken while selecting the platform as while some of them are progressing, others are facing a downhill moment.


Social media gives a chance for the customers to create a group and interact among themselves about the product and services provided by certain brands. This is a powerful technique for digital branding as a casual visitor who gets into this group may consider the previous experience and product ratings given by potential customers into account when he is in need of purchasing a product.


Pictures are more attractive than letters while videos are more attractive than pictures. If you want to do the branding in tune with the current scenario where youngsters are addicted to videos, it is a great choice to invest in the high-quality videos of your company and product to get viral


Along with making your customer understand what your company is all about, it is important to stay on the top of SEO results to get more traffic and marketing will help you in this case. As most people are trying to find solutions for their problems through a search engine, the selection of specific keywords to be on top of SEO results are crucial


No one wants to waste their time searching your website for a piece of information, instead if there is a customer support service provided by your site to reply to their queries instantly, customers feel more attracted. Fortunately, artificial intelligence had made it possible by implementing chatbots in your site where customers can interact 24*7 and collect relevant information.


The overall design of your website or webpage and the easiness in the flow of navigation through it which can give an ultimate user experience is important to make the visitors stick to your site. This is an area where you can showcase your creativity but always remember that it should not set a barrier to user experience


Advanced applications of the internet give the opportunity to streamline your operations in a way that you couldn’t do before. You can monitor and analyze every user experience so that customers will feel comfortable all the time they use your site

Digital branding is a key to escalate your regular customer base and spreading the name of your brand to a wide range of people by utilizing different platforms. Though the results are great, it is a task that requires great technical support and we Atees Infomedia Pvt Ltd, which is holding a high reputation among the agencies doing digital marketing services in India are here to take you to the target. Let us guide you through the entire process. Contact us on 7907938810 or email us at [email protected]

google advertisement


Despite our age, we all would admit that the digital transformation has influenced all of us to an extent as people are likely to spend their free time on the internet rather than on television. Any advertisement is worthless if people are not viewing it. Considering this google has launched a service called google ads where we can advertise our products and company on a pay per click terms and conditions.

As every business is profit-oriented it is quite natural that we think twice before investing in any sector. But if you are looking to increase the visibility of your brand and products then you don’t need to hesitate to try google advertisement. Let’s go through some of the benefits of using google ads
google advertisement


The word google has been glued to our brain as that is the first place where we depend for information. Statics showing 5 billion searches made every day increase its authenticity. Now you know how much will be the reach of your company and product if you are utilizing google ads. In a busy world if people are getting the information required through your ads themselves then why should they leave you


Along with the wide range of visibility of the advertisement, google ads will help you to understand and keep in touch with the relevant customers. A user who searches for specific keywords will be displayed the relative ad and the post-click landing page of that advertisement will allow you to collect the information about the customer through sign-up and email id. You can use this to send informative content to the users to be in touch with them and if they are not willing to share their details, we can use retargeting software to revert back to them.


Advertisement is not just displaying your services to someone. It should take into account the mindset and satisfaction of the viewers. The majority of us spent some time on social media for relaxation and fun. What will you feel if you are forced to watch an advertisement at that time? Will be irritated right. So, when and where are important aspects to be considered and if not, it could give a negative result. Studies show that more than social media advertisement, the google ads that appear after searching for a keyword is more efficient as the customer has already taken the first step to purchase.


You have passed through a lot of barriers to run an advertising campaign and it will take a lot of productive time and resources at the beginning and ending of campaigns. On the other hand, buying an added space with software is comparatively easy and a single employee can do it. With some training given he can reach the right customers at right time and can stop the campaign whenever required.


As mentioned earlier, google ads is not a free service and it works on the basis of pay per click method. What if it cost you a lot? Don’t worry, Google has allowed its users to set their preferences which include the bidding price on a daily basis. Some top companies in India have set their minimum monthly budget as 70000 Rs which may not be affordable to everyone. So, it’s important to restrict your investment and understand whether your advertisement is getting a reach or not.


We cannot correct the mistake unless you figure it out. Maybe your advertisement is reaching a lot of people but if they are not understanding. Are they going to read it again or will they shift to another site? So, it is important to know the satisfaction of the customer by analyzing where they landed after clicking the ad, how much time they spent on the website, and how they rate you


Good content with catching keywords is the best way to top the SEO ranking. It will a dream for a lot of companies to be there. Some of them may be having all the flavors to reach on top but still failing to get the traffic. In that scenario, you should not hesitate to depend on the Google advertisements as once you start running that all the organic results won’t appear until below the fold.


Sometimes surfing in google to get information through ads is like driving through busy traffic. It seems to be very disturbing watching those but what is happening is that the more you watch the ads, the more than brand name gets glued to your mind. This is called brand awareness. Through ads even though potential customers are not visiting, every time they watch your advertisement, they start remembering your brand and they will revert to you once they are ready to purchase.


When Google decides which ad is seen according to the browsing prospects it will consider the post-click page experience. If you want a visitor to spend more time on your post-click landing page, it should deliver what your ad is promising, or else he will leave the site. So, for converting a casual visitor to a potential customer ads should be precise.


The economic stability of each company varies due to different aspects. In order to restrict yourself from losing a lot of money in ads, there are various plans and strategies offered by google

  • CPC – In this type of bidding we have to give money wherever a person clicks on your advertisement
  • CPM- This stands for cost per thousand viewable impressions where you can bid on how much money you are willing to pay for thousand full views of your advertisement. This is helpful to increase brand awareness a lot
  • CPA- Cost Per Action, as the name indicates you have to pay for action like signing up or purchasing

Running google advertisement is a way of bringing reputation and increasing the visibility of your company which can skyrocket your business. Atees Infomedia Pvt Ltd is one of the top agencies in India that can get this task done for you. Please allow us to guide you. Get to us on 7907938810 or email us at [email protected]


Why does every business need an e-commerce website

Why does every business need an e-commerce website

 You need a good e-commerce website for your business that is professionally designed, a lead magnet, a sales booster, and differentiating website. Customer behavior changes according to time to adapt to modern technology and the digital age. Hence you should have your search engine presence.  2021 is the year of advanced tech and automation. Due to the Covid-1 Pandemic situation going on everything is shut. People are hanging out less. But with having a digital presence you can sell your customers whatever they need through web design Indian agencies. Following are some of the reasons for possessing a website in the year 2021.

1.Proves credibility:

If you want people to recognize your business and think it is credible you should have an e-commerce website. As there are thousands of business owners out there. People won’t trust anyone as they have become smart nowadays. They will ask for your website to build trust in you. So, contact a custom website development company and have a website to stand out.

2. A website helps your business accessible:

Most people prefer to purchase products through an official e-commerce website or from social media pages these days because those vendors deliver their services or products at the customer’s tips and doorsteps. An official website makes you available 24*7. As a result, customers can contact you at any hour of the day. This is the other reason why you need a website. Hence the website makes it easy for your customers to reach you and buy your products or service.

3.The website provides a better perception of your business:

An e-commerce website can help you maintain a strong and long-lasting connection with your customers. A website makes you look credible. This builds an initial level of faith with customers and persuades them to do business with you. While constructing a business website, we keep all dominant users’ points of view in mind and like what features make them stay, this helps in giving a great user experience. So, having a website is establishing trust among customers. So, they come back for more.

4.Displays your products or services in the best way possible:

Presentation plays an important role for the people who buy your products or services. It is important to make every customer buy your products especially if you are a start-up organization. Having a website helps to display your products the way you want using beautiful images, short video tutorials, and downloadable PDF instructions.

5.The website gives benefits from google searches:

Through Google search, our website can get into search listings thus making it easy for customers to find you. People prefer to search for everything on google. So, if you have a website and have done its proper SEO, it will come in the top searches of Google. People can also find you using keywords related to your business. So, if you want to become famous during your start-up and customers can easily find you on Google, you need to have a website.

 This decision of having a website will help you in the long run. ATEES INFOMEDIA PVT LTD is a web design Indian company that provides you a better client service with an expert team of web designers, SEO specialists, content writers, etc. We can ensure you that your website will come on the top search list of google during your start-up itself. We help business owners find uncomplicated ways to grow their businesses.


seo ranking
5 Ways to maintain SEO ranking after redesigning a website

5 Ways to maintain SEO ranking after redesigning a website:

 Web design trends are changing continuously and if you want to stay competitive in your industry, you will eventually need to redesign your website. While working on your website redesign, it is important to maintain SEO rankings and domain authority before, after, and during the process. During this period, you must take time to not only sustain your SEO ranking but also look for ways to improve it.

seo ranking


Here are some ways to maintain your SEO ranking after redesigning a website:

  Use a Staging site:

Keep your old website fully functioning during this time as closing it down during the redesign can disappoint new visitors. A common strategy is to create a web redesign on a separate URL. Don’t index it so that search engines don’t present it instead of the official one. Complete the redesigning process on that separate domain and switch to a new one when it is ready.

  Add redirects:

If you run a WP website you redirect as your website develops over time which means you will have to support redirects to sustain a compatible navigation experience. There are 2 types of 300 redirects that web design must contemplate:

  1.     301 redirects: They are permanent ones designed for website visitors and search engines
  2.     302 redirects: They are temporary. You have to avoid this one while redesigning for the sake of SEO ranking.


   Monitors SEO:

        A variety of search engine monitoring tools are available on the internet that can keep track of important measures regarding your website, including keyword rankings, historic keywords, organic traffic, domain authority, spam score, backlinks, etc. Check for changes in organic traffic in the days after the redesigned website launch. It is also good to check page-by-page analysis to see if the new pages are performing well or not bringing new audiences.

  Ensure Stability:

 Try to keep the layout of your redesign stable with your authentic version. The familiarity will make sure regular users won’t be confused. For that, map out the old meta description tags and headers of your existing website using a layout visualization tool. Screaming Frog, Apify, and other similar crawling tools are used for this purpose. These will help you crawl your site automatically. It’s very important to sustain a similar flow and structure of your website so that you don’t lose all that SEO ranking.

  Managing missing pages:

 All high-ranking content on your world website should have an equal page in the redesign, to sustain your SEO ranking. AN evaluative review of the new images, text, and its changes have to be done taking precaution to avoid broken redirects and missing content. Have a copy of your site map in hand, so you can easily see existing pages to not miss any of them in your redesign.

 In this consummate world, you would ensure you know everything there is to know about a website and its SEO ranking. ATEES INFOMEDIA PVT LTD carefully plans for a site migration to preserve your SEO and we will help you to get back on track. We follow the above comprehensive methods so that nothing gets left out. If you have questions about maintaining all that hard-earned SEO ranking after a website redesign, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will also help you get started with your new website plans.


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