Website Redesign

‘’Something that looked cool ten years ago may not necessarily look cool ten years later. This is exactly where you need to make a few changes to maintain the ‘’cool’’ factor.’’

We redesign your website in such a way that it not only attracts new users but also brings in new customers thereby helping you generate more revenue.

You can’t just stick with your old school website just because you’re a man of simple taste. As time progresses you will have to update your company or business’ website.

Nobody’s telling you to completely shut down your old website, you just have to make the right fixes and repairs by letting us revamp the website. Moreover, you need to make the audience aware that your business is up & running. Simply put, you're telling the world that you’re back in the game. The more attractive your website is the more likely you're going to be attracting new users.

If it's your website that’s helping you to maximize your profits in your business, then your website certainly deserves a good timely scrub every once in a while

We implement all the right changes to make your website look more attractive to the user.

Attractive features revitalize your website. Our professional designers are good at revamping websites. Content and design used in the website go through edits such as modification or renewal. As a creative website redesigning company, the right steps are taken in order to convert the website into more beautiful. A meticulous analysis is always followed before this.

Revamping a website needs extra care and also choosing the best service provider helps a lot. Our website redesign services offer matchless features.

  • Increase SERP Ranking
  • Best user experience
  • Swift loading time
  • Improves customer engagement

Get add on advantages by employing our website revamping services. We offer our clientele more than their expectations. Enjoy listed benefits with a website revamp service.

  • Renew website at reasonable cost
  • Experience quality work for the forefront
  • More sales with greater attention

"When our website has undergone revamp, it generated more customer engagement as a result more profit. It truly helped us and I personally recommend ATEES for your business success"

Outstretch, Interact and Improves Sales with Our Development and Marketing Services

As a digital marketing agency, we offer great website services that improve your website’s overall graphic look as well as the usability and credibility of your website. The entire result is listed below.

Generate leads

With our highly skilled team of web developers, we’ll make sure that your website’s homepage redesign is done in such a way that it will generate more leads.

Mobile-friendly website

With the increasing number of mobile users each day, we’ll develop a website for you that will not look attractive but will also be compatible with all the latest mobile browsers.

Attractive colours

Our website redesign process involves our experts first analysing your website, and then choosing the most suitable colour schemes that will attract your target audience.


We create SEO friendly websites for your business that helps your business rank in the top above all the other search results.


Well defined Marketing Strategies with captivating content


Powerful websites along with great layout and designs


SEO friendly website with more traffic & better leads


ATEES has been the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala since 2012. Our efficient services has benefited well-known companies all over the world. We are primarily focussed on providing technologies for Micro, Small & Large businesses.

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