Secure Socket Layer Certificate Services

“Hackers typically don’t choose which site they are going to hack”

This is why it is important to keep your website secure from threats

Do you know why must your business website have SSL certificates?

Security is a very important factor in the online world. Since the Internet opens up unlimited possibilities to get connect and communicate, there exist possibilities for breaching communications through unauthorized means. In such cases, your data on your website hosted, particularly the confidential ones should be protected.

If your business uses a website to process, collect, store, display or receive sensitive information, then you need an SSL certificate to make your website secure. The idea of Secure Socket Layer protocol is to make the communication between the client & server secure by encryption. If your website is not secure, then make it secure by availing reliable SSL services from a reputed agency.

If your website is not having the https protocol, customers won’t prefer your website

Google is pretty strict when it comes to identifying non-secure websites. One of the most common visual clues to know if a website is secure is the padlock symbol to the left of the website address. The padlock indicates that the website is secure because of SSL encryption. Choosing the best SSL certificate providers must be done with caution because a wrong choice can lead to compromising your website.


When it comes to validation levels, ATEES offer different levels of security for your website depending on the number of your domains and subdomains namely:

  • Domain validation (DV) SSL
  • Extended validation (EV) SSL
  • Organisational validation (OV) SSL

Here, the domain validation which is the least expensive and common one. If your website includes confidential data & involves communication, you can opt for either the organizational validation or the extended validation, which provides the highest degree of security.

When it comes to web security, no compromise must be made at all. People always prefer secure websites for visiting and communication purposes. Although your website has quality content, visually appealing designs, if it isn't secure, it will affect your business negatively. Having an SSL certificate for your website comes with several benefits:

  • Increase Customer Trust & Revenue
  • Protects data from unauthorized attacks
  • Boost Website Ranking
  • Facilitate online payments

Our SSL certification solutions are well-known and preferred by many companies for managing their business applications. These are some of the exclusive benefits you get to enjoy from Atees Infomedia when you avail our solutions:

In-house support team

No hidden costs

Flexible pricing plans

"Our company website was made secure through the services of Atees Infomedia. After making our website secure, we began to get more web traffic. It also led us to do business with potential customers and gain increased profits. The services of ATEES is excellent and on time. We are completely satisfied. "

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The benefits you get are even more once you choose the solutions for your business from us.

Quality services

We believe that by providing reliable & quality services to the customers, they trust us for implementing the exact services that they want. Also, it ensures that they will approach us for any future work.

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Reasonable pricing plans

By offering our valuable services at reasonable prices, we are able to cater to a wide variety of clients and their business interests. The prices can vary based on the business type but they are not overpriced.

Skilled professionals

Our team of security experts works actively to make your website secure and protected from online threats and connections.


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Powerful websites along with great layout and designs


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