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What is Odoo, Its Uses and Benefits

Odoo is an Open ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which helps in managing the entire software suite with ease which forms the groundwork of any company. With the help of Open ERP softwares we can view and control all the business necessity of a company like human resources, accounting, sales, finance, inventory, procurement etc.
Main components of the term includes the Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Resource Management, Human Resource Management and Finance Resource Management. Due to growing popularity of this platform, it has become the backbone of any business and there is a huge demand for ODOO development in Thrissur. With thousands of downloads per day, around 4000 Odoo apps are being used all over the world in the present scenario.

<>odoo development in thrissur

Why Open ERP in Thrissur?

odoo development in thrissur


Advanced Technology:
With abrupt rise in this technology, Odoo is always prefered for its uncomplicated service it provides and it can always adapt to the current market trend.

Cost Effective:
One of the main reason why we use Open ERP is that it lowers the maintenance and running cost of the software. It automates all the process and it tears the twist of the user.

Free Of Cost:
You can always download the software online for free and also Odoo software licenses are free when compared to other ERP platforms. This features allows users to give excessive priority for the software.

Easy to Customize:
It is always easy for the user to customize the subject of the at anytime anywhere at faster rate which leads to the efficiency of the business needs and its time effective too.

Odoo possess a modular structure and works with few uncomplicated modules as working with it lead to an integrated solution. Moreover it can also be changed according to the requirement of the team.

Updated Technology:
You will never miss a single update for this software as it will always kept updated with its latest design, technology and features which fulfils the requirement of the user.

ATEES Infomedia Pvt Ltd. is an ERP development company in Thrissur and one of the best Open ERP in Kerala which aims at automating the processes and integrating it to meet the needs of business. We are one of the leading company providing ODOO development in Thrissur and helps in amalgamation of core business processes in a faster way moulding the way to services we provide.

android application development in thrissur
Android Application Development

Android – the smartest and most popular of operating systems used in smartphones. Getting more popular with each update, its versatility and user-friendliness makes Android the most preferred choice of mobile users worldwide.

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Android App Development in Thrissur, Android Development in Thrissur
ATEES is a renowned IT company in Thrissur providing professional Android app development in Thrissur. In the constantly booming Android market, we are the one-stop solution to diverse Android development in Thrissur. Our professional Android experts utilize a plethora of tools deliver custom-made mobile solutions. Our robust and user-friendly applications can be ported to diverse mobile platforms, making them easily accessible to a wider audience. Our rich experience of working with a diverse client-base and latest technologies enables us to deliver high performance.

Why choose us?android development in thrissur

1. Customer-centric approach:

We understand your requirements thoroughly, and update regularly with the progress of project. Our seamless communication with client is the backbone of our productivity.

2. High-end apps:

Our technically-sound team of experts is proficient in the latest tools and industry standards, and use cutting-edge technology to create power-packed apps.

3. Confidentiality of Client Information:

All our Client data is safe and secure with us, and we offer 100 % transparent service.

4. Value for your business:

Our remarkable apps create the right environment for accelerated and sustainable growth of your business. We study the market scenario and make customised apps that align to your business goals.

We have developed top-notch Android apps for various domains.android app development in thrissur

Some of them are:

  • Food and restaurant apps
  • Multimedia apps
  • E-commerce apps
  • Social media apps
  • Health and lifestyle apps


We focus on delivering beautiful, scalable and user-friendly apps for our honoured clients worldwide. For businesses that wish to create reliable, cost-effective hybrid apps that run on multiple platforms, we are their one-stop solution.




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ATEES has been the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala since 2012. Our efficient services has benefited well-known companies all over the world. We are primarily focussed on providing technologies for Micro, Small & Large businesses.

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