Haritha Homes

An eco-friendly builder is now Thrissur’s favorite choice, thanks to dedicated marketing efforts by ATEES.

In the words of Marketing Coordinator of Haritha Homes

“ Haritha Homes is a builder with a difference. We have been inspired to blend traditional values with modern living ideas and design green, breathable living spaces that nourish the body and soul. We have always had our huge circle of satisfied customers and well-wishers to support us in our journey and send us clients by way of referral, but with the current rush towards digitisation of all kinds of businesses, we did not want to lose out on the huge prospects of online sales. We had heard about how ATEES helps its clients with customised, result-guaranteed solutions so we decided to make ATEES our digital solutions partner. We are happy to inform that our popularity has increased manifold and our sales has shot up by 40% within 6 months of being promoted online by ATEES.”

Problem Identification:

Haritha Homes is a noteworthy builder in Thrissur with a unique focus on green living. All its constructions are eco-friendly with a view to healthy, natural living in the midst of nature. On a 12 acre campus very near to Thrissur Town, Haritha Homes has developed a township for close-knit community living complete with apartments, villas, club house, swimming pool, children’s park, supermarket, play courts and other ultra-modern amenities, all without upsetting the flora and fauna of the region. The tranquility of nature, well-landscaped gardens and eco-friendly designs make Haritha Homes the most eco-friendly builder in Kerala. Some of the green/healthy living initiatives implemented in the township are:

  • 1) Organic vegetable farm
  • 2) Poultry/cattle farm for organic milk & eggs
  • 3) Natural landscaping by preserving the native plants and trees
  • 4) Yoga/Meditation Hall
  • 5) Jogging track that winds along the township boundary
  • 6) Provision of land to residents for farming purpose
When Haritha Homes approached us for our digital marketing services, we identified the following issues that needed work on:
  • Haritha Homes did not rank in the first page of Google for relevant searches. This caused it to lose several prospective leads because of lack of online visibility.
  • Haritha Homes did not have an active social media presence.
  • The unique selling point of Haritha Homes is its commitment to nature conservation and focus on healthy, nature-friendly living. This special feature was not marketed effectively to the masses.
  • Haritha Homes could benefit from targeted marketing through a professionally designed Email campaign.

Solution/Strategies Adopted:

We conducted a thorough business analysis and found out that Haritha Homes did not enjoy a strong web presence. The Haritha Homes website was not optimised for ranking in Google search and social media presence was practically non-existent.

Strategies adopted:
  • 1) We conducted off-page and on-page SEO for Haritha Homes website. On-page optimisation involves SEO-optimisation of web pages along with content, addition of social media links, making the website mobile-friendly etc. Off-page SEO focuses on building strong backlinks for the website, content marketing, article submissions, blog directories, forum commenting etc.
  • 2) We are providing lead generation services to Haritha Homes, along with beautiful Email campaigns to prospective clients around the world.
  • 3) We promote the lush green spaces and ultra-modern facilities provided by Haritha Homes on social media. Along with special promotional offers, consistent engagement with social media followers helps build a strong brand online.
Within 6 months of intensive marketing by ATEES, Haritha Homes received a 40 % hike in sales which can be attributed to the huge number of online leads secured. Our SEO efforts brought Haritha Homes website to the 1st page of Google for 80+ targeted keywords by the first year. Haritha Homes has gained much popularity over social media for its green initiatives and more health-conscious present-generation clients are attracted to the healthy-living solutions offered by Haritha Homes.
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