Forms Builders - A case study

Learn how we took a reputed builder up the ladder of popularity with our diligent digital marketing strategies..

In the words of Marketing Coordinator of Forms Builders

“ We are a well-established builder with a long list of satisfied clientele to our credit. We got customers mainly through reference and by our hard-earned goodwill in the industry. Recently, the need to go digital was felt badly as most of our competitors were already established players in the online space. We approached ATEES as we knew they did result-driven work and understood their clients well. After ATEES took over our digital marketing activities, we have seen a noticeable improvement in brand recognition and sales has been up by 30 %.”

Problem Identification:

Forms Builders is a reputed builder in Thrissur delivering modern living solutions where luxury and affordability go hand in hand. With several completed and ongoing projects in different locations of Thrissur, Forms Builders has enjoyed its customers’ trust for 20 long years. However, with the recent trend towards digitization of marketing, Forms Builders decided to change their marketing strategy and enter the online space to promote their business. After initial consultation with ATEES, the following problems were chosen for focussing upon:

  • 1) Forms Builders lacked a strong digital presence. The website did not rank well in Google searches and needed revamping and optimisation for SEO.
  • 2) Presently the unique specialities of constructions of Forms Builders were not effectively marketed. Their properties needed strong promotion over internet with regular updates and announcement of special offers to an interested audience.


We conducted a thorough business analysis and found out that Forms Builders did not enjoy a strong web presence. The Forms website was not optimised for ranking in Google search and social media presence was practically non-existent.

Strategies adopted:

  • On-page optimisation:
    We conducted an initial research and identified 100 keywords to work on for improving site visibility on Google search. We are glad to say that a year since we started our SEO work, the Forms website appears on the 1st page of Google search for 70 + relevant keywords.
    We regularly optimise the website structure and content for SEO-friendliness.
    We provide links from website to social media pages like facebook, twitter, G+ etc.
  • Off-page optimisation:
    We generate quality backlinks to improve website ranking.
    We advertise the properties of Forms Builders through all possible channels - online ads, articles, directory submissions etc.
  • Social media promotion:
    The luxury amenities and other alluring features of the properties owned by Forms Builders are promoted by ATEES on all social media channels - facebook, instagram, twitter, G+, linkedin etc. High quality images of the properties are used to appeal to the viewer and generate maximum leads.
  • Email-marketing:
    We regularly send professionally designed emails to a wide database of prospective clients. In addition to the client database provided to us by Forms, we also utilise our relevant database to get maximum leads for conversion.
  • Conclusion
    Within 3 months of using ATEES’ digital services, the web presence of Forms Builders improved dramatically. The website appeared on the first page of Google for 72+ keywords and images of properties were also optimised. A strong social media presence lead to vast recognition and popularity for the brand. More web-generated enquiries poured in and there was over 30 % increase in sales.
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