Take a look at the advantages of having a facebook business page. The results of a survey compiled by a Cambridge University-based digital marketing giant hubspot:


This is an effective digital marketing tool used by many business entrepreneurs to reach out to more prospective customers. Apart from building the brand and making one’s products/services more popular, it also leads to more page views and conversion to sales. But to stay ahead in the game, a company needs to regularly update its facebook page and post engaging content that can keep the readers interested. It requires time and effort to create good readable content and find time to post it, read comments and send replies so as to maintain effective communication with the site visitors.
ATEES helps you manage your facebook pages using latest digital marketing tools. We use different marketing methods to enhance your popularity as a company. We provide creatively written content for your posts. We employ various strategies to increase likes and shares for your posts/pictures.


A well-managed facebook page should have all the relevant information a visitor seeks. It should have updated the complete information about the company with name and logo, its products and services, its contact details, the link to the company website etc. This gives the impression that the company is professional in approach and has a strong social presence. The page content should be optimized to appear in natural search engine results, so the fb page becomes effectively a second ‘home page’ for your company. At ATEES, we do all the updation and optimization for you and make sure your facebook page receives top ranking in search results.


We present here the case of one of our prestigious clients ‘SULAIMANI 168’. We undertook their facebook promotion for 3 months, and following are our findings over a week from 24/09/2015 to 30/09/2015.
Number of post shares: 15,091.
Number of likes received: 106 (3825 likes in a span of 3 months!). If you need help in promoting your facebook page, let us help you out. With our expert services, you will see a rapid growth in popularity and conversion to sales. Contact us for a free consultation at



The graph below has been generated by facebook itself. Data analysis shows that overall posts reached 17,649 facebook users within 3 months of creating the page. The pictorial representation shows the gradual increase in Page Likes over the weeks.

The pictorial representation shows the that there is gradual increase from week to week.


The page was created on 9th March 2015. Total likes crossed 1000 on April 20th 2015, and reached 3825 likes on 30th September 2015.


There are two ways to promote your business on facebook – Paid reach and Unpaid reach (Organic). In the Paid method, we pay facebook to promote our pages. In the Organic method; and this is where ATEES services comes in. We promote the facebook pages through regular posts, announcements of offers, optimization and other digital marketing strategies. The Organic reach achieved by ATEES so far outnumbers Paid reach, which shows the quality of our service and our commitment to customers.

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